Young BSF gets underway

The 2018 Young Bled Strategic Forum got underway in Ljubljana on Friday with a welcome address by the capital’s Mayor Zoran Janković. The mayor, who welcomed the young participants to “the most beautiful city in the world”, noted that a key quality of Ljubljana is that it is a safe city, a city that respects diversity, people with different backgrounds and opinions.

Peter Grk, Secretary-General of the Bled Strategic Forum, took the floor after Janković, picking up on the mayor’s point that direct communication is extremely important and a skill that is getting lost in the digital era. While highlighting the irony of a lack of communication given all the means of communication at our disposal, Grk expressed concern about us drifting apart, with the divide also being reflected in the EU. “This is the divide we would like to bridge,” he outlined the main mission of the Bled Strategic Forum.

Meliha Muherina, who took over as programme director of Young Bled Strategic Forum this year and instilled it with an innovative approach, also welcomed the participants. She is excited about the diverse contributions by the participants which come from a variety of fields and backgrounds: “Let’s show to my bosses and everyone, including at the main event, that youth has a lot to offer to bridging the divide,” she said.

Meanwhile, the keynote address at the opening was delivered by Ravi Chaudhry, a recipient of the Ambassador of Knowledge Award, who is often referred to as a leadership guru.

Chaudhry addressed the historical changes in paradigms, including several far-reaching changes under way now and bringing volatility related to the effects of fast advances in IT. Another key element highlighted by Mr. Chaudhry was that after most people rejoiced at the victory of capitalism over communism, currently “capital is well on track to defeating democracy”. He feels that a tsunami of ethical ideas is needed to change the trends and that the onus is on young people, who traditionally, in contrast to today, were the life of democracy or helped revive it.”

“Youth alone can reinvent democracy – otherwise this will happen either through a natural disaster or a revolution.” Mr. Chaudhry encouraged the young participants of Young BSF to become not only good and great leaders but exceptional leaders.

Young BSF 2018 - 1st Day

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