Young BSF: Alone We Fail

Saturday morning at the Young BSF began with an extensive workshop led by Timotej Šooš, who is in charge of Slovenia’s efforts to deliver on Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

“Instead of delivering a lecture on the agenda, which is mostly familiar to the participants, we wished to bring them to a closer understanding of the agenda through a direct experience,” Šooš explained after the workshop. A concrete topic from the agenda was picked, namely food waste, which was connected to two more; obesity and hunger. After a quick briefing, the participants were asked to contribute ideas for tangible activities, as opposed to action plans, documents etc., that could be implemented to address the issues at hand. Different stakeholders were involved in the scheme and participants were also given concrete identities, becoming individuals facing concrete organisation and implementation obstacles.

“The seven groups formed ended up presenting their ideas, describing the effect these ideas would have in society, what role individual stakeholders would play and where problems could occur,” Šooš recapped. Through these concrete topics “it became clearer that the goals of Agenda 2030 are not just a UN document but a global plan for development in which each stakeholder in society has an implementation role”. “This in turn entails concepts such as corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility, political ideas, ideologies etc.,” Šooš said, noting this “encouraged them to navigate through their own beliefs to arrive at joint solutions”.

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