Schedule Category: 9 September

Gala Dinner

AS Aperitivo Powered by the Center For European Perspective and the U.S Department of State.   

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Log In, Reach Out: Building a Digital Bridge to Your Audience

City Hotel, Ljubljana  Powered by the Centre for European Perspective and the U.S Department of State. Participants of the Young BSF will disseminate prepared policy recommendations via digital campaigns. A digital component is one of the most dynamic and influential ingredients that can be added to a campaign. Digital campaigns are the cornerstone of any successful messaging…

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Vision of the Present

ABC Accelerator Powered by the Lincoln Island Initiatives. 1. Lecture on framework for innovation based on the fear-and-fail methodology and philosophy. The lecture presents a practical foundation for understanding and establishing the conditions to set up human-friendly cultures. 2. Create your personal vision of the present (VoP) based on the canvas provided. Creating the Personal Vision…

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