Young BSF: How Can Smart Communities Drive Sustainability?

City Hotel, Ljubljana

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The advent of new technology has brought about the emergence of smart cities and smart tourism, which aim to provide advanced technology-based solutions that ensure an efficient use of resources and optimal user experience. As a result, more and more types of smart communities are emerging, and these are determining the direction of development of digital services and business models, since the engagement of stakeholders brings value to any platform. This leads us to think that residents and tourists should be the drivers of sustainability, and that flourishing smart communities should be built bottom-up. On the other hand, all platforms need significant financial investment, which suggests a top-down approach to creating a smart community. Where is the balance? What are the most frequent concerns of investors, and when is a platform a good investment? How should circular economy models be designed, evaluated and implemented? Which segments show most disruptions? Which stakeholders drive sustainability in a smart community? How do we motivate users to opt for more sustainable mobility and energy-efficient use of services and products? What are the key resources and challenges of the sustainable ‘smart’ future?

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