Putting European Consensus on Development into Practice: Political Foundations as Bridge Builders for the Implementation of SDG’s

Voda Hall, Hotel Rikli Balance

In partnership with European Network of Political Foundations.

The New European Consensus on Development was launched in 2017 as a strong policy commitment of the EU and its member states to the basic assumption that sustainable development goes far beyond fighting poverty. By incorporating the principle of universality laid down by the Agenda 2030, the European Union positioned itself as a leader in tackling the complex nature of development challenges inside and outside its borders.

The European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) is a unique actor with a comparative advantage in the development field. In the context of implementing the Agenda 2030 and the New European Consensus for Development, ENoP plays a unique role in promoting sustainable development in Europe and beyond. With members active in over 100 countries and with the capacity to reach out to a broad spectrum of audiences and stakeholders, ENoP serves as a valuable bridge builder between CSOs and political actors and a key actor in efforts to implement the 17 sustainable development goals.

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