Night Owl Session – More Seats at the Table: Achieving Gender Equality Today

Lake Lounge, Grand Hotel Toplice

In partnership with Global Diplomacy Lab. Hosted by the Boston Consulting Group.

Almost everyone is talking about gender equality these days. The #MeToo movement, this year’s G7 discussions and SDG5 brought into focus the need for gender equality. Women are taking the helm in countries like Iceland and New Zealand, but women everywhere still face significant structural inequality. Epidemic levels of gender violence, challenges of access to education, health and reproductive rights, and political representation are indicators that women are still falling behind.

So, what’s missing from the global efforts to achieve gender equality? What can be done to make this an issue for everyone? How do we deal with the competing backlash/threat to masculinity? If calls for gender parity are denounced, what other measures should be taken to attain a better gender balance in decisionmaking, corporations, politics, military, etc.?

This session will explore how unusual players can take up the challenge of gender equality, the risks and challenges to the feminist movement, and how we lead cultural and social change.

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