Young BSF: Mediterranean Dimension of the OSCE – Youth and Security

Voda Hall, Hotel Rikli Balance

In partnership with Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Slovenia.

The event will be held in light of the Italian OSCE Chairmanship and its commitment to work under the motto of “Dialogue, Ownership, Responsibility” in order to build a “genuine partnership” with Mediterranean countries. This partnership can be achieved only through enhanced political dialogue, more concrete collaboration on security issues and the promotion of a holistic approach to the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as investment in education and culture, with more attention to women and young people.

The panel will address the role of youth in resolving interconnected security issues in the EuroMediterranean region, such as radicalisation, climate change, migration, gender equality, freedom of media and others. Often left out of the official debates and resolutions, the voice of youth is often not heard or included in resolving current issues in the region. Additionally, there is a pressing need to broaden the debate by forging new links between different generations and sectors within the EuroMediterranean region.

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