Vision of the Present

ABC Accelerator

Powered by the Lincoln Island Initiatives.

1. Lecture on framework for innovation based on the fear-and-fail methodology and philosophy. The lecture presents a practical foundation for understanding and establishing the conditions to set up human-friendly cultures.

2. Create your personal vision of the present (VoP) based on the canvas provided. Creating the Personal Vision of the Present WALL.

3. Lecture on the entitled Vision of the Present. Explanation of the methodology, philosophy, and understanding of time.

4. Create a Vision of the Present for your selected TOPIC. Three groups, each working on one topic (up to 13 participants in each group). Big groups will be divided into three smaller ones (up to 5 participants). Nine small groups will work on creating one VoP. We end up with three VoPs for each topic. Everyone then votes for the best vision of each group on a WALL. We get the best solution for each challenge.

5. Discussion and conclusion.

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