Engagement, Conditionality or Both? Security and the Rule-Of-Law Through a Renewed EU Perspective

Zrak Hall, Hotel Rikli Balance

In partnership with IISG – Integrative Internal Security Governance.

Intensive efforts continue in the Western Balkans to meet the EU’s accession preconditions concerning security. The EU perspective remains a key driver of transformation, but the lessons learned from the efforts of the last decade and a half invested by countries and the international community are no less important. A unique and complex system of security cooperation involves capacity-building, transferring good practice and cross-border cooperation, inspired by both vertical conditionality and the need for horizontal cooperation. We should rethink the venues of security reform by applying comprehensive concepts in the period of the renewed EU perspective, including those of “Integrative Internal Security Governance”. What concepts have the potential to advance the engagement and achieve a sustained track record in tackling the challenges of serious and organised crime, violent extremism, terrorism and border security? How should the EU proceed to ensure efficient external policy governance?

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