Log In, Reach Out: Building a Digital Bridge to Your Audience

City Hotel, Ljubljana 

Powered by the Centre for European Perspective and the U.S Department of State.

Participants of the Young BSF will disseminate prepared policy recommendations via digital campaigns. A digital component is one of the most dynamic and influential ingredients that can be added to a campaign. Digital campaigns are the cornerstone of any successful messaging strategy. However, the process of developing a successful digital campaign requires training and mentoring.

A workshop led by an international group of experienced communicators will be held to equip young enthusiasts with appropriate knowledge. The aim of the workshop is to reveal the dimensions of digital art and bring participants’ existing skills to a new level. The first step to this end will concern why, to whom and how to produce actionable messages and best practice recommendations to disseminate proactively. Digital plan creation will lead the participants through the process of researching and clearly articulating the aims and goals of their digital ideas, along with a clearly defined audience, and teach participants which channels they should use and how.

The practical work will be divided between three groups of participants, whereby each group will be challenged to prepare a digital campaign by using a different digital channel. Although each platform would offer a unique product, all digital campaign creations should complement one another in order to achieve the larger objective.

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