Diaspora’s Role of a Bridge in Contemporary International Relations

Arnold II Hall, Hotel Rikli Balance

In partnership with Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians Abroad.

With modern societies becoming more and more mobile, countries are increasingly realising the importance of their respective diasporas for their transnational relations and development. With policies towards the new diasporas, traditional diasporas are gaining more attention. But there are big differences between countries regarding how much focus they put into these issues. Slovenia has traditionally considered the Slovenian diaspora as an important factor in its national development. A big effort is made today to develop constructive relations with new emigrants as well. Innovative approaches to maintaining the Slovene language, culture and national consciousness through connecting Slovenian scientists and students from around the world (ASEF, VTIS), interregional business conferences, supporting start-ups etc. are well-received and are examples of good practice. The aim of the round table is to compare and analyse approaches to the diasporas of countries that are best known in this field. Concepts of transborder cooperation, brain circulation, global networking, building economic ties and returning migration will be presented.

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