Cyber Security System: Achieving Resilience

Arnold II Hall, Hotel Rikli Balance  

In partnership with Siemens.

The growing threat of advanced cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and industrial systems presents a unique challenge for businesses and countries alike. Increasingly, governments are being called on to respond to cyber-attacks and provide a secure cyber environment, despite the fact that the infrastructure of cyber security has so far been in the hands of the IT sector and not under state control. Cyber security has become one of the pillars of national security, and partial solutions by individual organisations are no longer sufficient to counter cyber threats. It is imperative for countries to build a system that ensures cyber security.

How do we build such a system and what elements does it need to include in order to effectively address these threats? Will the information revolution work to further integrate and connect Europe through a single digital market? How is the private sector dealing with the challenges of cyber-attacks, and what new business opportunities does the cyber insecurity offer for companies?

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