Conflict Prevention, Peace Building and Mediation

Rikli Balance Hotel, Bled

Powered by the Doshisha University, Japan, and the Faculty of Social Sciences, Slovenia.

Many divides that we observe today are the result of conflicts, which often cause divides not only between countries but also between people. Some of them take the form of war; others create a border between inclusion and exclusion from a group. For a harmonious society, we cannot avoid resolving problems that cause conflict; however, the nature of conflicts is changing, and we need to tackle newly emerging problems with new perspectives.

The panel will try to find the ways to prevent conflicts, build peace and use mediation, by focusing on contemporary cases in the Balkans and the Middle East – from the political, cultural and social aspects. What is the role of democracy? What can international and regional organisations do? How can we bridge divides within a country?

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